Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to bring for my appointment?

It is useful to wear loose fitting clothing and be prepared to take any clothes off. Bring some shorts to change into or wear a strappy top and leggings, if you do not wish to take your top or trousers off. Bring your authorisation number too if you are claiming through your insurance scheme.

2. How long will it take?

It will take 45 minutes roughly to assess and treat you on your first visit. Even if you have seen us in the past, we will need this time if there has been a break in the treatment for more than 3 months.

3. Will I need a course of treatment?

Not necessarily. The average number of treatments is 6 but patients who present early with a problem often benefit from 2 – 4 sessions. There are many factors to take into consideration but even having an assessment and getting a diagnosis, a prognosis and a management plan, this will often start you in the right direction in doing self-management care and exercises at home. This will enable you to start to heal correctly to resolve your pain and increase your function.

4. Can I choose my appointment times?

Yes, we will try to accommodate you at all times and our staff are very flexible. We like you to stay with one physio for continuity of care but allow 2 physios to manage you if you are struggling with other commitments.

Book An Appointment5. Are all the staff HCPC registered?

Yes, all our staff are HCPC registered and you can look their names up on the register as well.

6. How much will it cost?

An initial assessment is £45 taking 45 minutes. Then a follow up session is £40 for 30 minutes. It may be better for the client to have a 45 minute treatment session if the problem is complex, old or involving 2 areas/joints etc.

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