“Before visiting ‘Hands-On’, I had persistent problems with my lower back. Since that time the muscles in my back (which were causing the problem) have been freed. I now walk with an upright posture and I am able to enjoy my hobby of fell walking. I still visit for regular manipulation to ensure my back does not return to its old ways.”

Mr R, Cheadle Hulme

“Firstly, Thank You for your no-nonsense, straight forward approach, your ability to explain & teach me to help myself, along with your physio treatment releases my muscles tensions allowing me to feel fitter, free-er & even younger!”

Mrs W, Adlington

“Hands-On offer a truly first class physio treatment experience that delivers results. Over the years I have visited the practice with various aches and pains and the team take time to assess, consider and explain the problem or injury, greatly assisting with the speed of rehabilitation and recovery.”

Mr L, Cheadle

“Have been coming on and off for several years when I suffer from back/muscle pain. Andrea & Alison can usually rectify the problem with one or two sessions of treatment. It pays to be pain free as early as possible and physio works for me.”

Mr N, Cheadle

“I was so lucky when I discovered Hands on Physiotherapy. I had been in chronic pain for months, benefitting less and less from medication, struggling with side effects, and finding everyday life more and more of an effort.

Following discussions of my physiology and medical history (very complicated!), Andrea decided the DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy approach. Gradually over the following weeks, together with a very basic and simple exercise regime, improvement became very marked.

After 6 sessions (one a week) I would say my improvement was around 50% and after a total of 10 I’m off all medication and gradually increasing my exercise regime.

I’m now seeing Andrea once a month but hope that this will become less frequent as I gradually take over managing my condition with increased regular exercise.

If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I’d be dancing the night away, I would never have believed them – so thank you Andrea.”

JS, Macclesfield

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