Introducing Hands On Physiotherapy Pilates Classes, both beginners and intermediate at 1pm-2pm and 2pm-3pm respectively for 55 mins. Senior Physiotherapist, Zara Gale-Archer, will be your instructor, having completed her training through APPI Health group. The medical world has now realised the benefits of Pilates for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

80% of adults will experience back pain in their lifetime. If left unmanaged, a high proportion of them will continue to have further repeated episodes of discomfort and back pain. To prevent reoccurrences one key factor is to rehabilitate and re-train the deep abdominal, pelvic and spinal stability muscles to dynamically support the spine through movement. Pilates provides a unique method of restoring strength, flexibility and function.

Each client will have a an postural assessment to find out each person’s individual areas that need targeting. Once you have been taught the principles and key elements of Pilates, Zara will teach you the basic mat exercises to improve your functional strength and enable you to practice at home in between the supervised class.

All equipment is provided, just wear loose clothing and socks. Sessions are booked in 6 – 8 week blocks at £13 a class.


The venue is at St Mary’s Methodist Church Village Hall (next to The Pinewood Hotel) on Wednesday’s at 1pm and 2pm. Please contact our reception on 01625 548409 for more details or tweet us at @Handsonphysio22.

Zara Gale-Archer qualified chartered physiotherapist at Hands on Physio